Designed to accommodate heavy traffic loads on low bearing capability terrain, the Ground Improvement Mat™ is a heavy duty and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) mat system for supporting off road mobility requirements during expeditionary missions.

Excellent Load Bearing Capability
Reinforced with composite strengthening rods, the mat spreads the weight of vehicles and increases the load bearing capability of the ground while reducing rutting.

Patented Non-Skid Surface
Mobi-Mat® GRIMAT™ provides traction under all environmental
conditions for ground support vehicles. Even submerged, the patented corrugated surfacing retains its high-traction capability.

Rugged Dependability
GRIMAT™ permits high vehicular wheeled traffic and enhances the rapid deployment of expeditionary units.

Deployment and Recovery
Rapid deployment can be achieved with our Automatic Deployment Systems. Manual positioning or reconfiguration can also be achieved by using the laying and recovery straps included in the kit.

Units can use Mobi-Mat® GRIMAT™ for river fording, to by-pass blown out bridges and to speed up vehicle movement during military operations. You can deploy your mat with Dispenser Systems, which will unroll the mat simultaneously while driving.

Site Conditions
In wet and muddy conditions, personnel can use a subsurface geotextile under the mats to prevent the dirt and mud from seeping through them.

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