Todays tactical wheeled vehicles are heavily armored, thus increasing their weight and ground pressure. The Composite Expeditionary Matting™ (CEM™) has been created to support future beach landing and crossing operations of these heavier vehicles.

Operational Capability
The CEM™ is a soil stabilization system applicable to the many various expeditionary and remote applications. Its composition and construction with interconnected panels makes it easy to deploy, retrieve and maintain.

The CEM™ is a continuous roll-out mat 3.66m (12’) wide 9.15m (30’) long that weighs 12kg/m2 (2.46 lbs/ ft²). The CEM™ is capable of supporting traverse by a Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) carrying a 7-ton payload. The CEM™ has demonstrated its capacity to support 2,000 vehicle passes at the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) 15 and 500 vehicle passes at CBR 3, with an insignificant rutting effect.

Technology Description
DESCHAMPS has developed the CEM™ with a semi-rigid composite material using interconnected panels. The CEM™ can be used autonomously or in addition to the conventional Mobi-Mat® A2X Beach Landing Mat which has been used by Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU’s) and Combat Logistic Battalions (CLBs) for more than 10 years. Like all the Mobi-Mat® products, the CEM™ is delivered with its complete anchoring kit.

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