Designed to facilitate ship-to-shore movements, the BAM™ is a unique and capable Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) mat system for supporting off road mobility requirements during expeditionary missions over sand, gravel, or pebble beach.

The Medium Grade BAM™ type A2X™ is light enough for two people to rapidly carry and deploy the matting manually within minutes. Rolls can also be rapidly dismantled and reassembled to accommodate any operational requirement.

Patented non-skid surface
Usable on any surface, Mobi-Mat® BAM™ provides traction under all environmental conditions for ground personnel and wheeled ground support vehicles while preventing bogging.

Rugged dependability
Mobi-Mat® BAM™ will resist thousands of vehicle passages on supported sandy beaches.

Quick installation
No requirement for back-blading surface before laying. Stakes and connectors are supplied with each roll to anchor and link the Mobi-Mat® BAM™.

The Mobi-Mat® BAM™ provides an immediate workspace from which landing team personnel may conduct subsequent lay-down operations.

In several situations, units may use a subsurface geotextile under the rolls to prevent the mud from seeping through the mat.

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