Mobi-Mat® Tow-Mat™ is designed for creating ground reinforcement and towing pathways for the recovery of any type of aircraft.

Excellent Load Bearing Capability
Strengthening bars are inserted in the mat every 15 cm (6”). This increases the load bearing capability of the ground while reducing rutting.

Lightweight for Rapid Deployment
Easy to lift and install with two persons.
Easy mat anchoring and connection with I-shaped connectors.
Easy configuration of the tow pathway using the handling hooks provided in the kit.

Unique Non-Slip and Porous Surface
With its patented tridimensional surface, each Tow-Mat™ offers an excellent grip and decreases traction effort while avoiding the risk of causing landing gear secondary damage.
Unlike mats with metal plates, there is no risk of puncturing aircraft tires and the Tow-Mat™ is easy to remove due to its mat porosity

Withstands temperatures ranging from -40°C (-40°F) to +80°C (176°F), corrosion, rot, chemicals, petroleum fuels (AVGAS-JET A1) and hydraulic fluids like Skydrol.

Long Life and Low Maintenance
Tow-Mat’s physical properties provide for a longer use life as compared to other mats. They are easy to clean with a high pressure water system and easily rolled up for storage.

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