Ideal to create outdoor temporary walkways for dining halls and kitchens, and maintenance shops. Mobi-Mat® Tentfloor™ & Tentpath™ provides provides primary and secondary solutions to in support of expeditionary forces flooring requirements.

Easy Installation and Compact
Mobi-Mat® Tentfloor™ & Tentpath™ are light weight, easily transportable mattings which can be carried and installed manually in minutes. They roll up in compact sized rolls for easy and quick mobility.

Simple to Use
Mobi-Mat® Tentfloor™ & Tentpath™ are designed with the warfighter in mind. By providing the matting in rolls. They can be laid out fast and easily with minimal training. Each Mobi-Mat® Tentfloor™ or Tentpath™ kit is supplied with a variety of anchoring devices to support all types of terrain.

Made from a patented, corrugated, high-density polyester mesh material originally designed for vehicular use, Mobi-Mat® Tentfloor™ and Tentpath™ are puncture and tear resistant. The crossing by light mechanical snow and sand removal equipment such as snow blowers or “bobcats” is possible.

Mobi-Mat® surfacing permeability prevents water from pooling on the surface. It accommodates every type of terrain with flexibility and without degrading the structure of the matting.

Withstands corrosion, rot, chemicals, petroleum fuels, UV and temperatures ranging from -40°C (40°F) to +80°C (176°F).

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