Mobi-Deck™ is the ideal and innovating solution for assuring a dry floor with any type of tent and protecting people and equipment from flooding. Mobi-Deck’s air transportability supports the requirements for today’s expeditionary military.

Fast installation
Made of adjustable panels, a two-person crew can install Mobi-Deck™ at a rate of 50 square meters (538 sqft) per hour. Less than 30 minutes are required for the installation of a 55 square meters tent (592 sq/ft tent).

Each panel weighs 35 lb. (15 kg). The panels are stackable and
compatible with air transport pallets.

Easy to Handle
Each panel can be carried with suction discs.

Mobi-Deck™ uses a raised connecting frame, which not only supports the decking material but also assists with cable distribution and integration. This feature is ideal for creating temporary flooring for
command posts.

Adjustable Height
Up to 7” (180 mm), feet adjustment is possible from ground level.

Unlimited in length and width

Non-Slip surface

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