Deschamps’ Mobi-Mat® Helipad™ is a lightweight, compact and safe Helicopter Landing Surfacing for rapidly creating Helicopter Landing Zones for expeditionary Forward Operating Bases (FOB), Forward Arming and Refueling Points (FARP), Drop Zones (DZ), and Medical Evacuations (MEDEVAC).

Ease of Installation and Reconfiguration
One roll is easily carried and deployed by 2 persons. Connectors and stakes (à remplacer par Ground anchors) are supplied in the kit for ease of assembly. Mobi-Mat® Helipad rolls can be easily reconfigured for various dimensions.

Mobi-Mat® patented surface follows ground contour without permanent deformation and resists to heavy wheeled vehicles.

Safe and Cost Effective
Mobi-Mat® Helipad™ reduces the hazards caused by blowing sand, dirt, snow and stones while preventing damage to either the aircraft or personnel. The matting saves on the wear and tear of expensive helicopter rotor blades and engines by reducing the introduction of FOD (Foreign Object Damage).

Highly Visible Area
The crew can locate the mat and orientate on it from considerable distances.

Non-slip Porous Surface
Provides secure footing for personnel movement near the aircraft and its porosity disperses the passage of liquids and reduces the risk of fire.

Minimal Site Preparation Required
The flexibility of the matting conforms to more ground conditions than steel, aluminium or composite matting. This provides more site selections.

Battle Proven
The U.S. Armed Forces has and continues to use Mobi-Mat® successfully during ongoing operations.

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