Helipad Landing zone

Mobi-Mat® Helipad™ is designed for the rapid and safe establishment of landing zones for expedtionary Forward Operating Bases, Forward Arming and Refueling Points, Drop Zones and Medical Evacuations.

Mobi-Mat® Traction Mat™ is an Individual Vehicle Self Recovery Mat (IVSRM) for Ground Mobility Vehicles™.

Tentfloor™ & Tentpath™ roll out polyester mats are innovative duckboards for creating outdoor pathways and walkways between tents, expedient flooring for dining halls, kitchens and maintenance shops working platforms.

Mobi-Deck™ is the ideal and innovating solution for assuring a dry floor with any type of tent and protecting people and equipment from flooding. Mobi-Deck’s air transportability supports the requirements for today’s expeditionary military.