Deschamps’ Mobi-Mat® Helipad™: a lightweight and compact roll-out Helicopter Landing Mat to create Expeditionary Airfield Landing Pads and FARPS.

• A self-deploying mobility mat (for both heavy and light vehicles) configured on a flat rack compatible with existing logistical vehicles,
• A composite Temporary Roadway that supports multiple missions in a wide variety of terrain,
• A vehicle or a trailer to transport the roadway.


Designed for supporting off road mobility requirements on soft muddy beachs, during Joint Logistics Over The Shore operations, the Fast Composite Roadway™ (FCR™) is a heavy duty and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf roll out aluminium mat system.


Deschamps’ CEM™ is a rollout COMPOSITE roadway mat made of rigid composite slats for supporting the heaviest wheeled beach landing and crossing vehicles during beach landing operations. The CEM weighs: 2.46 lb/sqft (12 kg/m²)


The Ground Improvement Mat™ is a roll-out PORTABLE HEAVY duty corrugated semi-rigid polyester surfacing reinforced with composite rods to accommodate heavy traffic loads on low bearing capability terrain and  to support off road mobility requirements during expeditionary missions. The GRIMAT weighs: 1.64 lb/sqft (8kg/m²).

Beach Access Mat™

Designed to facilitate ship-to-shore movements, Beach Access Mat BAM™ is the LIGHTEST PORTABLE rollout semi-rigid corrugated POLYESTER Commercial-Off-The-Shelf mat for supporting off road mobility requirements during expeditionary missions over sand, gravel, or pebble beach. The BAM weighs: 0.34 lb/sqft (1,7 kg/m2).

Tentfloor™ & Tentpath™

Tentfloor™ & Tentpath™ roll out polyester mats are innovative duckboards for creating outdoor pathways and walkways between tents, expedient flooring for dining halls, kitchens and maintenance shops working platforms.


Mobi-Deck™ is the ideal and innovating solution for assuring a dry floor with any type of tent and protecting people and equipment from flooding. Mobi-Deck’s air transportability supports the requirements for today’s expeditionary military.


Mobi-Mat® Tow-Mat™ is designed for creating ground reinforcement and towing pathways for the recovery of any type of aircraft.


Mobi-Mat® Traction Mat™ is an Individual Vehicle Self Recovery Mat (IVSRM) for Ground Mobility Vehicles™.

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